A downloadable Silly for Windows and Linux

In This game, there is no adventure, no puzzles, just anything to play around with in this small game. but there are a few endings you will need to try to achieve. Let's see how many you can get.

The one object that you click on, will start to play loud music while they might accidentally wear headphones throught the whole thing. so if you wish to savior your ears, make sure to unplug your headset, and turn down the volume.

Install instructions

Make sure your internet connection is perfectly secure to download this game, otherwise you might get a virus. Now just to let you know, I am 100% Not responsible for getting a computer virus in your home computers.


KiddiesIsland.ppsx 9 MB


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Hey everyone, Lately, as i mentioned in my Depression story YouTube Video, i explained about my depression state, I had seen such good support in the comments of that video, from my good friend Reed aka PixelartBuilder583, SorTexSheep, and ImBatMan. if by any chance either of the three are reading this, then thanks guys for helping out. It's just great to have such good friends like you.

-David H.